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Some fun orders this week

I am still on the journey to creat 12 variations of envelope customization and personalization. I think I am quite half way there with about 4 prototypes given away as presents.

Earlier this week, I received some enquiries about making a card case with 2.5mm depth, 8.9cm width and 5.7cm height. After laying out some questions to get more design direction, the customers actually wanted it in my ENVELOVE design. It’s a pretty small case, smaller than my usual card case.
Most important criteria is to fit her cards snugly.

I am already guessing that her cards must be quite precious. I wondered if its to hold a stack of 100 name cards… Turned out its for her tarot cards! She wanted something in maroon – deep deep maroon and surprise her with the choice of thread color. Spotting taste of somebody familiar can already be hard sometimes… For a stranger that I have not meet, and seen the picture… It’s a risk. And I didn’t want to intrude too much into her privacy to discover her taste. Luckily I asked what’s the card case for…

A few months ago, I wanted to make cufflinks with lego pieces. So, I decided to surprise myself with lego mini figures. One of the lego pieces is the Fortune Teller of series 9

I got my answer !

At the same time I got 4 orders for triangle pouch. Nice choices and combination of colors. Not many people go for gold components to go with the leather. Result – vibrant !



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