Philosophy of Functional Design

My values are about simplicity, functional, classic and timeless.  I am mindful of excessiveness, and strive to deliver functional products that are not superfluous.  My design aspiration is to achieve the extraordinary through minimalizm, and unobtrusive.  I believe … this greatly complements the surroundings, and draw out the persona of the user.

Philosophy of Handmade

All products are passionately hand-stitched using traditional stitching methods, with utmost care and orderliness.  For instance, the saddle stitching is much more durable than machine lock stitching, and has been favored until today.  I have a great affection for baseball stitch.  Do you know that until today, there’s no machine that can do baseball stitch?


Philosophy of Material Selection

Each material is specially selected personally to ensure the best quality.  Most of the leather used are sourced from a leather tannery shop that has been in this business since 1948.  Their leather price is a bit premium, but it is definitely worth paying for.  I have high preference towards organic materials.  Vegetable tanned leather is always the 1st choice.  I pay detail attention to the dyeing materials, consistency (evenness in color), leather texture, and most importantly the smell.

Philosophy of Made-to-order

All products are made-to-order.  There are many wastage and excessiveness today, caused by over production.  Each product as made as ordered to prevent wastage, and it will always be customed made for you.

Philosophy of Personalization & Customization

In the world of 7 billion people* today, each one of us is unique and authentic in our very own ways.  In many ways, we are always part of something – a nation, society, communities… Sometimes, we just need a little something to define who we are, or make it a bit more personal.

As each product is hand-crafted with genuine material, there can never be two of the same.  Plus, with personalized tagging on it, it’s just only owned by you.


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