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Passport Holder – custom made



This is a very special pass holder order from Canada.  I don’t recall stitching so many layers of leather together. fingers survived !


A lot of thought has been given into designing this passport holder.  The starting criteria request was – triple folded A4 ticket and hotel info, passport, and some travel cards.

There were 2 principles of passport holder design to choose from

  1. passport and travel documents and travel related cards grouped together, and others like currencies, hotel, car rental, vaccination in one group
  2. passport and travel documents together on the left part, and for the right side – cards, misc, currencies

Initial sketches



The cover is made with full grain leather of 2 mm thickness, and matching inner leather color of 1.1mm thickness.






So, on the left side, we have 3 flaps – passport, boarding pass, hotel reservations.  On the right side, we have 7 card slots, one pocket for misc (exactly 1/3 of the length) and 2 pockets behind for currencies and whatever.

The most indecisive part of the design was the pen holder.  We mauled over this for quite some time.  I didn’t want to attach a pen holder strap to either the left side or the right.  Plus, I was a bit worried if the pen is too fat or too thin, or it will wear out the holder after some uses.  I found a wonderful solution from internet. And it’s great. Kudos to the original designer for such smart idea.


Kurt passport holderIMG_1930[1]


Front cover is cut from the shoulder back (cow butt to be precise).  The insides and the cover were stitched together with one single long thread that is close to 4.5 meter !

The buckle was a special suggestion from Kurt.  Notice, the knot – it’s shaved 45 degree angle off – like the flaps inside.  Love this buckle concept.  At first, it seems like you need to pull from both sides. Simplicity is to pull the leather buckle long enough, and the passport holder will open up.

The result, a super durable passport holder. Probably could be used for self defense.  I do wish this could last 100 years …



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NEVERFULL Valet Tray – Hall of Fame

IMG_1969[1]Konchcrafts IMG_4188







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Special for Ilse

Ilse saw my double sided envelope bag, and wanted something really similar as an evening bag in black




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Some fun orders this week

I am still on the journey to creat 12 variations of envelope customization and personalization. I think I am quite half way there with about 4 prototypes given away as presents.

Earlier this week, I received some enquiries about making a card case with 2.5mm depth, 8.9cm width and 5.7cm height. After laying out some questions to get more design direction, the customers actually wanted it in my ENVELOVE design. It’s a pretty small case, smaller than my usual card case.
Most important criteria is to fit her cards snugly.

I am already guessing that her cards must be quite precious. I wondered if its to hold a stack of 100 name cards… Turned out its for her tarot cards! She wanted something in maroon – deep deep maroon and surprise her with the choice of thread color. Spotting taste of somebody familiar can already be hard sometimes… For a stranger that I have not meet, and seen the picture… It’s a risk. And I didn’t want to intrude too much into her privacy to discover her taste. Luckily I asked what’s the card case for…

A few months ago, I wanted to make cufflinks with lego pieces. So, I decided to surprise myself with lego mini figures. One of the lego pieces is the Fortune Teller of series 9

I got my answer !

At the same time I got 4 orders for triangle pouch. Nice choices and combination of colors. Not many people go for gold components to go with the leather. Result – vibrant !



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I wanted to create a range I choices for small card holder. I have about 10 variations… One of them is doing cross stitch in the leather…

Punching the holes neatly was quite a chore…. Stitching was even a bigger feat – holes were tight. And the thumbs and fingers were aching badly.

I told myself, this is handicraft with love and I do it for passion. That’s when I decided to coin all my envelope series ENVELOVE. I had many attempts to get the shape right. Over 20 prototypes and found the balance between the leather thickness and the template. Each envelope cutting were fine tuned according to leather type and thickness.

Still room for improvement, and its really ENVELOVE!


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Raining season started in Hong Kong, and sky is just gray.

I have been searching for a sky blue color leather, but couldn’t find anything to my liking.

I decided to dye my own color leather. Unfortunately, the bottle holding the dye was leaking, and I decided to hold the tip of the bottle to wash off the dye… It dripped to my fingers…. The phone rang and I have to reach out to my handbag to find it. To cut short the story, I smeared the dye to my purse as well.

Well, an excuse to make myself a new purse, as fixing the color takes more time, and I don’t want to dye it black.

This is a rustic looking piece of leather, and I decided to sew it with multicolor thread. I am quite delighted with the combination.

Special compartment for my mini moleskine book, bigger card compartments (fits up to 3 cards per slot, and even spare compartments for the IDs in different countries.

Oh, fits iPhone. Not that I will change to Samsung, but it fits S4… And all sorts if bank notes and as well coins. Something extra for receipts and bits and pieces.



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