KonCh is handcrafting studio based in Hong Kong / Singapore by a loving couple living in different parts of the world.  Many people are curious about our living arrangement, and the sustainability of our relationship.  “What’s the secret?”, they asked. The first year, I said, “love”. The 2nd year, I said, “trust”. 3rd year, I said, “commitment” …

Recently, I am asked, “How did you keep it that long?”.   I pondered for a moment, taking a quick flash run of our relationship – it struck me that there is always an accidental discovery, a thought, a nagging longing, and a project for us to do together.  It’s our very personal team building.

Having lived in Australia, Europe and Asia with a bit of travel for work & holidays, I have changed my perception about style and brand. Growing up in Asia, the most desirable brands are Louis Vuitton, Channel, Gucci….  For years, I will try to find excuses to own something from these luxury brands.  My perception changed when I moved to Europe.  It’s mainly Asians in those stores at Avenue des Champs-Élysées, and mainly Asians queuing to get tax refund at the airports.  That triggers, “What brands do European use?”   The beauty of Europe – many cities, many towns, and very distinctive cultures, and styles.  I discovered lots of local designers, with beautiful and unique design – each resonating the style, concept and personality of the designers.  I strongly admire their originality.

My husband is much more of an adventurer than myself.  He discovered shops selling components and findings to make jewelries. It was more than one year later that we combed the area to look for material to repair my vintage American Tourister round luggage bag. We found a leather shop brimming with people.  And, that was the beginning of our journey into leather crafting.

My next aspiration is to continue my passion in making unique pieces that will reach out to different people in the world.  Every piece of my work is self designed, hand crafted, and hand stitched. I use high quality genuine leather and materials.  I advocate for personal pieces and is happy to customization requests.

This is what KonCh is about – love, trust, commitment, different, originality, philosophy, experiment, experience, ideas, projects & a story to tell.




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