Neverfull Leather Tray

01 Mar

Neverfull Leather Tray

This is a latest edition to my leather products. A Neverfull Leather Tray.

Chinese New Year celebration just finished, and I saw in my sister-in-law’s Feng Shui guideline book that I should be more surrounded by green this year.

I am not a green fan when it comes diwn to fashion choices, but I am starting to pay mire attention to green color. I found this leather by chance – it’s really a beautiful green color. The owner of the shop said it’s called imperial green. It’s the color used in the ancient China days by royalties. My husband said, maybe it’s because it’s not far from Jade Green. Some people said it close to olive green.. Whatever it is, I think it’s a beautiful unique green leather color, that’s not so commonly found. There are only 3 pieces left in the shop, and I wish I could get all of them, but there is one really good piece. Too bad, this will be limited edition color.

I have once left a tennis bracelet in the hotel bed, in the mass twine of blanket. I have checked out from the hotel, and was lucky to return to the hotel before room cleaning. The thought of it going down the drain is horrifying. After that, I always put my stuff in the cups from either from the mini bar or the bathroom (if they are provided). This annoyed the housekeeper a bit since they have a protocol to put things in place when they do house keeping.

Anyway, I am quite glad I made this leather tray. It opens up flat and is very portable. I feel safe to know that all my things are all in one place, when I place it next to hotel bed when I travel. Doubles as a mousepad on shinny hotel desk.

When I am not travelling, I would use this tray to put my purse, keys and coins. Sometimes, there are things that I need to bring along when I go out and I place them in this tray – this way I don’t forget.

Measures 25cm x 25xm – get Neverfull of things on it.

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