Toiletries Bag Prototype – Dopp Kit / Sponge Kit

07 Jan


My thumb and index finger are extremely sore from stitching the leather paper bag.  I decided to try something different, leather lacing that doesn’t require any stitching using the needle.  

To begin with, anything small 6mm width leather lace would require a needle prong.  I am trying to avoid needle for the time being.  Perfect timing to try out leather lacing that I have wanted to work on some time ago.

Here’s something I managed to make in about 3 hours:
– cutting the paper template
– cutting the leather
– punching the hole
– lacing up

Toiletries bag

The back side of the kit

Toiletries bag

Inner part

The inner part seems a bit “raw”, but I guess this could do. I didn’t cut off the left over lace, it could be useful to just tie my jewelries about.

Designing the closing of the flap is tricky:
– should i use magnet ?
– clasp
– buckle?

I wanted to give it a more harmonious look, and decided to try making a leather buckle…  This is made by rolling the leather of a 20cm length (5cm to 1cm funnel width).  I guess it’s not too bad.

Toiletries bag


This is how it looks like finally.


Next experiment – different lacing technique.  I sill have to figure out the cornering.


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One response to “Toiletries Bag Prototype – Dopp Kit / Sponge Kit

  1. Roby

    January 21, 2013 at 10:08 am

    It looks fantastic! Congrats!


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