La Papier Sac – My Paper Bag (Ultimate shopping bag)

07 Jan
The Ultimate Paper Bag

I keep most of the paper bags (& plastics too) from my shopping.  For plastic bags, it’s easy to recycle them as garbage bags, except for those nice plastic bags from Apple shop.  For the paper bags, that’s a different story – I just like to keep them for their beautiful design and quality.  I mean, who throws away Louis Vuitton paper bag, or the paper bag of the presents given to me, … Alright, I admit it, I am obsessed with paper bags, and papers.


Over the years, you can imagine that I have accumulated lots of paper bags.  Some less nicer ones, I have used them to recycle glass bottles, clothes, or just given away to people who need them to put stuffs.  I still have lots of paper bags that my husband is getting annoyed by the space it took up.  He started calling me The Bag Lady :(.  I hate to agree, but he’s right.  I do have too many of those paper bags.  IT’s hard decision, but I will have to do it … I have decided to give away most of my precious paper bags away, keeping some of the dearest ones.  However, this doesn’t solve the problem – I will keep shopping, and I will still end up home with more shopping bags.


Here’s an epiphany!  I will make a paper bag out of leather!  This is perfect solution.  There’s not one paper bag that I can recycle over and over again.  Plus, they wear and tear.  What am I going to do during raining season?

I did a bit of research and turned out that there are some branded leather shopping bags – Chanel, Loewe, Jill Sanders.


None of them has what I have in mind. I want something that resembles more like a brown paper bag.


After Christmas, I made an early New Year resolution – rid of those paper bags (they are half gone now), and design a leather paper bag that I can use over and and over again when I go shopping.

Deciding on a size is a bit hard.  There’s no off the shelf decision making options.
– how big ? not too big, the bigger it is, the more things i will stuff in…
– landscape or portrait ? portrait – easier to take things in and out, and shopping will not pile on each other

I spent 2 hours drawing and cutting the template, and is just excited when i started to cut the leather.  I think it will look good.

Cutting those jagged edges is a bit challenging. Luckily, I have chosen a very durable leather, and the edges will stay in shape.


Sewing the bottom is the hardest part of this project. The punched holes have to match exactly.

La Papier SacLa Papier SacLa Papier SacLa Papier SacLa Papier Sac

The bottom is finally finished.  I will an additional bottom hard piece on the inside to further strengthen it.

La Papier Sac

The body is finally finished.  It was hard work stitching them, I choose smaller hole size and gap between each holes – harder to poke the needle through, and more stitching to do.  I am sure this bag will be very sturdy.  I am very satisfied, both the interior and exterior looks like a paper bag.

La Papier SacLa Papier Sac

I am taking a rest – fingers are sore from all the stitching.  I know… Normally, people would make the interior pockets and straps first.

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