The birth of my leather crafting passion

19 Dec

I totally love the retro style in the Pan Am TV series. After pain stacking search in the internet, I finally found a fair price vintage American Tourister round luggage bag.

IMG_0330 IMG_0570

Unfortunately, the material of the inner linings was totally disintegrated. There was also a slight odor and stains that were hard to ignore.  Hence, the decision to replace the inner linings.

I have searched in vain for similar material. I was ready to settle with Merino wool. Again, it’s hard to find them in retail shops.  I even have the crazy idea to sew the patterns myself.  I was surfing amazon for sewing materials and I stumbled upon an awl stitcher.  That’s when the idea of using leather came about.

Back to the streets that my husband discovered, we found a retail shop brimming with people buying leather.  That’s “rebirth” moment.  Now, I can really start tearing the original linings apart.  I have to really thank my husband here for helping out. The case was glued to a spongy material that had turned into powder. He sandpapered it cleaned so that I can apply the first lining.

IMG_0489  First lining applied, to give a “spongy” feeling.

IMG_0568 Stitching leather strap for the sides

IMG_0580 Thank goodness the measurement works

IMG_0601 Almost done. I am quite please with myself. Now, this luggage will last even longer / maybe forever.

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